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The Crisp Air By Amy Winehouse - 1060 Words

The crisp air encompasses the paper I wrote last year for English- an essay on World War Z. A photo of me and my mother from our vacation to Mexico floats by and then is lifted up, twirling around the white marble on blue satin. Through all of this, soft, fluid music glides. I recognize the song: â€Å"Valerie† by Amy Winehouse. When people talk about iCloud, this is what I picture my â€Å"cloud† looking like — all of my hard work, my memories, good and bad, my favorite songs, that embarrassing video from last Christmas, all hovering across clouds in the sky. What is this â€Å"cloud† everyone is talking about, though? Where is it? Is it a legitimate place? Why is it that everyone uses it, yet no one seems to know what it is? When talking about iCloud, the â€Å"ignorant American† stereotype shines bright. Sort of like how we are all fat. And loud. And rude. However, in this instance we fit this notorious stereotype. Honestly, no one knows what it is. Ask the person next to you. Can they explain it? No, they cannot. Told you. This past summer I got a new phone and computer for reasons privileged children get new phones and computers: none. I went to the Apple store with my mom and as the overenthusiastic bald man set up this and that on my new devices, he asked me if I used â€Å"the cloud† or if I wanted to purchase an external hard drive. I turned to my mom for the answer, like any child does, but unfortunately realised this was another one of those adult moments. You know, like having to

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Analysis Of The Movie The Wire - 922 Words

The first time SPQ interviewed actor and Pittsburgh native Carl Clemons, he was part of HBO’s awarding winning series â€Å"The Wire.† Since the show’s conclusion, he has kept himself working as an actor in a variety of acting roles. â€Å"These past few years I have experienced personal trails tribulations. Working in the film business is not as easy as it seems.† Carl shared. There is saying in the film business that many great scenes are left on the cutting floor; it’s not an idle phrase, but truth. Carl has experienced this not once, but twice. Once during the filming ‘South Paw,’ starring Jake Gyllenhaal and 50 Cents. Carl went up for a featured role, but did not get the call back. Not to take rejection nor the opportunity to work with Pittsburgh native award winning Director, Antoine Fuqua, he humbled himself to a role as a movie extra. Not long into filming he ran into fellow actor, Tyrese Gibson, who had a featured role in the film. His friend asked, why he was a movie extra? After discussion and finagling, Carl was offered the role as Tyrese’s character’s friend. In the editing, Tyrese’s entire character was cut, as Carl’s character. The second experience happened while filming ‘Out of the Furnace’ with Christian Bale. â€Å"It was only a seven-minute scene, but it was powerful,† said Carl. His seven minutes of what might had been his personal Oscar winning scene, lay on the editing floor. Anyone with less passion and determination, might have walked away,Show MoreRelatedAnalysis Of The Movie The Wire 916 Words   |  4 PagesLast time SPQ spoke with actor and Pittsburgh native Carl Clemons, he was part of HBO’s awarding winning series â€Å"The Wire.† Since the show’s conclusion, Carl has kept himself busy with the continued development of his craft through multiple acting roles. â€Å"I have learned a lot these past few years thro ugh my own trails tribulations working in the film business,† he shared. One such test of patience, strength and endurance happened during the filming of â€Å"South Paw† here in Pittsburgh, producedRead MoreAnalysis Of The Movie No Wire Hangers 891 Words   |  4 Pagesâ€Å"No wire hangers!† What would be a normal thing to find in an average persons home is not accepted in Joan Crawford’s home. This posses the question why in the movie Mommie Dearest does Mrs. Crawford have a dilemma with wire hangers in her closet? Why does she have so many mental complications in general? Although to the public, Joan seems like a striving successful actress she obviously has some underlying issues. She has developed her personality disorders her whole life, but how she got them isRead MoreAnalysis Of The Movie Man On Wire 1394 Words   |  6 PagesThe movie, Man on Wire is a documentary about wire-walker, Philippe Petit, who proves his impossible, yet inspiring dream above the clouds between the World Trade Center’s Twin Towers was indeed possible. During this documentary, Petit magically walked and danced across a wire, leaving the audience filled with suspense and extremely sweaty palms. This project, completed by James Marsh, was truly a job well done, because of the way he has Petit narrate the documentary and how he recounts the eventsRead MoreTheme Of Personality Disorder In The Movie Mommie Dearest1177 Words   |  5 Pagesbe defined as patterns of inflexible traits that disrupt social life or work and may distress the affected individual. A great deal of these disorders go unnoticed, and/or undiagnosed. One way to learn how to identify these disorders is through movie analysis. For example, the film â€Å"Mommie Dearest†, directed by Frank Perry, is a story about Joan Crawford and her struggles with personality disorders. Joan Crawford demonstrates the personality disorders of Bipolar Disorder, Histrionic Disorder, NarcissisticRead MoreMommie Dearest : Movie Analysis1325 Words   |  6 Pages person’s ability to cope with everyday life. Personality disorders are patterns of inflexible traits that disrupt social life or work and may distress the affected individual (Rathus, 2010). One way to learn how to identify these disorders is through movie analysis. Movies can help the understanding of psychological and personality disorders because people can get a better understanding from a â€Å"show me, not tell me† aspect. It is hard for a student to understand what these disorders actually are unless,Read MoreFaradays Law1667 Words   |  7 Pagesthe voltage across it changes the way it does when the north or south pole of rod shaped magnet is moved into and then back out of the center of a coil of wire at various speeds. No calculations are required in this activity, just thinking! Figure 1: The north pole of a cylindrical magnet is: (a) moving into the center of a coil of wire; (b) reversing direction; and then (c) moving out of the coil. The coil’s voltage vs. time is recorded with a computer interfaced voltage probe. TheoreticalRead MoreMomie Dearest : Psychological Disorders In The Movie Mommie Dearest1168 Words   |  5 Pagesand motion pictures to detect and analyze disorders. For example, in the movie â€Å"Mommie Dearest†, it is not hard to identify the psychological and personality disorders Joan Crawford possesses, despite not being trained psychologists. After viewing the movie and analyzing the character, it is clear to see the Joan Crawford possesses the disorders of Borderline, Histrionic, Narcissism, and Bipolar disorders. Throughout the movie Mommie Dearest, it is clear that the most prominent personality disorderRead MoreEssay on Production Report1087 Words   |  5 PagesThriller Movie, a Children’s Television Programme, A magazine or a Radio Advert. After looking at them carefully, I decided to produce an opening sequence of a Thriller Movie. The sequence had to be at least two minutes long. For this I had to Analysis three existing Media Texts, make a storyboard for my movie, a script for the story, planning a schedule, making the actual production, etc. when I was thinking of the filming, I had to think of a thriller movie that wouldRead MoreThe Film War Horse By Michael Morpurgo1575 Words   |  7 Pagesits viewers would not see War Horse as a true representative of what the war was really like. It is how the use of camera movement in War Horse connected to almost all movie goers, even though it goes against a ‘conventional Hollywood movie script’ (Madigan 2012, 48) that will be the starting point of the films camerawork analysis. Unlike Pulp Fiction there is a linear narrative present meaning spectators need to be able to clearly follow and understand the actions and events portrayed. An establishingRead MoreMovie Analysis: M vs. Bicycle Thieves Essay1399 Words   |  6 PagesAnalysis of M and Bicycle Thieves One thing that both movies, M and Bicycle Thieves, share collectively is the open ending; both movies make audiences interpret their own perception or ending of the movies. Also, both movies contain a sense of tragedy in the final scenes; in the movie M, I felt somewhat sympathetic toward the mentally ill killer even though I knew he was the serial killer and might be pretending to get away. The feeling of sympathy toward the serial killer in the presence of his

Why Me Free Essays

What was I going to do My mom was going to freak out on me. Oh no! Not my Dad, he is going to kill me. I have no idea what I am going to do Who is going to be there for me and help me get through all this. We will write a custom essay sample on Why Me or any similar topic only for you Order Now At this point I had no idea what to do. I sat in my room crying and praying to God to get me through all of this and give me courage to tell someone what was going on. Tina, I barely said crying to my sister as she answered her cell phone. Whats wrong My sister replied. Tina†¦ I need to talk to you please help me†¦ Im scared, I said hysterically crying. Why Maria What is going on Where are you she asked in bothered manner. Im here at home. Please dont be mad at me, I need you, I said barely even enunciating my words. Maria, I need you to calm down, hon tell me whats going on, she said in a soothing concerned voice. Tina, I said with tears pouring out my eyes. I found out that.well Im pregnant. Oh honey, are you sure Ill make a doctors appointment for sure, but until we know for sure dont say anything. So calm down and Ill call you later. I love you, Tina told me. I love you too! Thanks. I said with a new feeling of comfort. I know my sister would be there for me, but I was astonished in how understanding she was about this. She went with me to the doctor and when we found out that I was ten week into my pregnancy. She talked to me about all the options. It was clear to me that it would be hard to have a baby so young, but I knew I had to keep my angel, I would have to face the consequences of my actions. The next two weeks were the longest weeks of my life knowing in seven months I would be having my own little angel. Right then I knew I had to change my life. I tried to get back in the jest of things at school but there was no way I could pass with all that I had missed. So I started working and saving money, but as things started to go straight and I got my head back on my shoulders, I had a miscarriage. I cried in pain because my baby was gone and I couldnt do anything to get my angel back. Maybe it was for the best because God knows what hes doing. That was my wake up call, to start over get things straight for my own good. Im in my senior year doing everything I can do to succeed. Working as hard as I need to, in order to get in a University and be successful, not for just me but for my angel that will come back later in my life when Im more ready and prepared. I have no regrets, because my trust is in God, and I respect His decision. So now I need to do my part and Im willing to work as hard as I need to, to be what I need to be. Its crazy to think that I probably wouldnt even be in school writing this because I would be having a baby any day now. I wonder why this had to happen to me, and when I think about it I just want to cry because a part of me has died. Although, Im also relieved, because I know God did this to open my eyes and make me turn my life around. Now Im working as hard as I can to make my dreams of going to college and being successful come true, not for any body else, but myself and my little angel. How to cite Why Me, Essay examples Why me Free Essays And that’s when I walked away, I don’t think my stomach or my mind could’ve taken one second more of it. I literally couldn’t believe my eyes and God knows I didn’t want to. I wish it were a dream, I’d even settle for a nightmare but this there was no waking up to, this was real and it was happening to me. We will write a custom essay sample on Why me? or any similar topic only for you Order Now When I first joined the force I thought I could handle anything and everything, you know I was one of those people who could watch the most gruesome horror movie on Film Four and not blink an eyelid. Or watch my best mate throw up what seemed to be a hundred litres of lager after a night out without my stomach even twitching. But this was different, this wasn’t some murder mystery on the box or a new horror movie out at the pics’, this was real. This was reality in the police force. You hear about it everyday at work and how much they effect you and mess with your head especially when it’s your first but you never understand till it happens to you yourself. I thought I was prepared for this sort of thing, I mean people die everyday and it’s something that you have to learn to accept, but not like this, no one should have to leave this earth in that much pain and fear. They do try and prepare you for this sort of thing, but seeing photos and reading past statements and accounts is no where near to what I needed to prepare me for what I witnessed. In fact nothing can prepare you for this, not even yourself. I dream about it you know, nearly once a week, up until a few years ago it used to be every night so I suppose that’s an improvement. Ever since that moment hundreds of questions have swamped my mind and one that keeps coming back to me every second of every day, how ever selfish it may seem is why me? And I know that must be the coldest thing that has ever passed my mind, taking into consideration the amount of pain, mental torture and suffering that that poor women went through. But when all your fears come together and throw a surprise party just for you, when flashbacks come and haunt you every night and the slightest little reminder throws you into a panic attack, you have to think of yourself and what this has done to you and what it will continue to do to you for the rest of our life. Just goes round in my head over and over, why me? Why on my shift? Why couldn’t it be someone else? Why won’t it stop? Life has never been the same since then as I’m sure you all know, however great the trust is between me and the other person I just can’t open up to them. I never could and I doubt I ever will, but this is my attempt. I knew if I did tell someone that they wouldn’t understand and when I think about it, I wouldn’t want them to. Even Steve and me can’t talk about, I think we both want to but every time we try there is an awkward silence and even just seeing him brings it all back to me. At the time the Chief Inspector recommended that we went to see someone, whether together or not, you know like a psychologist or something, but what could they have possibly done or said to make our situation anymore bearable? If I couldn’t and still can’t talk to people who are the closest to me like my daughter and my best mate and now Steve then how could I sit in a room with a complete stranger and spill my thoughts, it’s just not going to happen. It’s like me and Steve are the only two people who know what it was really like; to be there, to hear her last life clutching sentence, to witness her last breath and not be able to do or say anything that would help her in anyway. It’s that feeling of helplessness and failure that cuts you up inside. It will be fifty-two years tomorrow since that horrific event and I’ll tell you that not a single day has past by when I haven’t thought about that evening, when it hasn’t replayed over and over in my mind. That poor women, poor Lynda, she didn’t deserve any of it. I’ll go and pay my respects in the morning, lay the same flowers that I have done every year and cry the same tears that I do every night as I pray. By now you’re all probably wondering why I’m writing all this and why now? Well as you are all fully aware I’m nearly eighty-six and I don’t know how much time I’ve got left. So I just wanted to try and explain in brief what happened back then that made me into the scared, frail man that you see today. I hope that it hasn’t affected you a tenth of what it has for me. I’m sorry for not being able to be strong for my grandchildren and for myself, please forgive that. Don’t be sad when I’m gone because hopefully heaven will be the one place that that day will not affect me. I love you all and thank you with all my heart for putting up with me over these hard years. Look after each other and be happy. How to cite Why me?, Papers

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The Amrican Red Cross Case Study free essay sample

The American Red Cross (ARC), founded in 1881, is an independent organization, supported by public financial donations and volunteerism. Its mission is to â€Å"provide relief to victims of disasters and help people prevent, prepare for and respond to emergencies. † Despite having a great visionary and doing great cause, ARC was, and still is, facing lot of unethical issues. High rate executive turnover, slow response to disasters, mismanagement of donations and funds, and no background screening on their volunteers are few of the examples. Ethical culture Ethical culture of an organization is the guidance or principles to determine if one’s action is right or wrong. It is usually created by the top management. In the American Red Cross case, there were questions regarding of the leadership of the organization. The problem began with high turnover rate in the executive level. The organization saw a frequent change in the president and chief executive officer position. We will write a custom essay sample on The Amrican Red Cross Case Study or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page The constant change in leadership is debilitating and does nothing to address the problem. Instead of fixing the problem by strengthen the core of the organization, they chose the easy way out. They kept firing and hiring new candidate for the top management. ARC spent a large amount of time and money to search for the right person. In the case of Healy and Everson, the board spent two years and eighteen months and came up empty. Also, it was frustrated to see there was no punishment for the top managers’ wrong doing. The organization sent out large severance packages for ousted executives, no matter how short the term they served. When employee saw there was no punishment for their unethical behavior, they repeated and cashed out when their time was over. The American Red Cross did not have a robust ethical culture. And, the problems were created because of it. Problems with Handling Donation Money After the September 11 attacks on the New York City’s World Trade Center, the ARC was called upon to help the victims. There was a huge amount of donations poured in at an unbelievable rate. The organization received $543 million in donations. Instead of distributing these donations to the victims and their family, the ARC kept more than half. Its reason was to spend these donations on the organization and make it better prepared for the future catastrophes. It raised lot of attentions from the media and the donors. Donors felt their monies were not rightfully used. They felt the ARC did not keep their promise to provide aids to those in needs. Instead, the ARC used the donation money for its needs. After a U. S. congressional hearing in November 2001, the ARC announced all the monies would go to the September 11 victims and families following by the resignation of Healy, the ARC’s president. Another disaster struck during August and September of 2005. The ARC was once again called upon to assist the victims of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. Katrina was one of the strongest and costliest hurricanes ever recorded in the Atlantic. Rita was even a larger storm. The ARC raised more than $2 billion in private donations to help relive for both of the disasters. But, the ARC failed again to deliver these funds to those victims and their family. The public was left unhappy and frustrated by the poor and untimely effort of the ARC to help the victims. The ARC did not take advantage of the assistance of FEMA. Instead, it questioned FEMA’s ability to carry its duties. During their disaster relief, FEMA and ARC officials blamed each other for not following their roles and responsibilities and failed to communicate with each other. Along with the failures in communication between FEMA and the ARC, accusations about improper management of donated funds and criminal-background volunteers stirred up the attention of the public. The ARC did not apply ethical standards when it comes to hiring volunteers. They did little to none when it comes to background screening for their volunteers. Volunteers reported the disappeared of rented cars, electricity generators, and more than 3000 air mattresses. Some of these volunteers had arrest warrants or other felony charges in their backgrounds. They were working around computers and systems that allow funds to be added to debit cards for immediate use by the hurricane victims. These funds could be easily misused by dishonest volunteers. Ethical Dilemmas There were multiple reasons that contributed to ARC’s ethical dilemmas. First, it happened at the top level. Top executives committed fraud and received undeserved benefits. Punishments for such actions did not exist. They repeated and committed these unethical behaviors. Second, the organization mismanaged the money from donations. Victims and their families did not receive the funds they need in time or in full amounts. Lot of these donating monies were cut off and used for other purposed. The organization did not complete their duties and follow their main purpose. Last but not least, the ARC’s impartiality was impaired. It made an unethical decision when they partner with big corporate companies. The ARC’s policies prevented the organization to use such cause to benefit itself and the companies it partner with. It is its duty to scrutinize the corporate donations and make ethical decision with these donations. In conclusion, the American Red Cross has an obligation to fulfill its charter’s expectations and deliver these promises effectively and efficiently. The ARC staff and volunteers need to be well managed by ethical and capable executives. These executives must always followed their duties and perform their job at the highest ethical level. Relationships between the organization and private corporations should be continued, but, must follow the framework of ethic. These relationships will provide great opportunities to help aiding the victims in needs as long as there will be no unethical interactions or associations. Organization Structure and Compensation ARC’s history of awarding executives with big bonus and severance is the main reason contributed to unethical behaviors among chief executives at ARC. Bernadine Healy received $1. 9 million in salary and severance pay upon her departure in late 2001. Marsha Evans received a total of $780,000 in 2005, included a $36,495 unpaid bonus. These were the prime examples how ARC’s structure and compensation operated. They had a very favorable punishment for those executives who committed unethical behaviors. Instead of taking away their money in fines, the organization gave these executives more money. As a result, these unethical behaviors were repeatedly happened over again from time to time. Conclusion In this case study, the American Red Cross was known for its high turnover rate in executives, mismanagement of funds and volunteers, and unethical corporate partnerships. The image of an organization that helps and supports the victims of disaster were negatively affected by these unethical behaviors. It is up to the organization to turn around and fix these issues.

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Essay Sample on Marriages Why Do They Fail

Essay Sample on Marriages Why Do They Fail The marriage is considered to be the combination of two lives for passing the Life span with mutual interest. According to an other saying Husband and the wife are considered the wheels of vehicle if any one of them faces problems; the other will likely suffer the same. There are two types of marriages prevalent in the world. The First one is Love marriage and the other one is arranged marriage. In western countries mostly the love marriages are preferred over the arranged marriages because they have open society norms. But in Eastern Countries mostly the marriages are arranged by the parents of the boys and girls. The nature and problems of the marriages vary from the type of society. There are some societies where the marriages are regarded good and lawful relationship between the Wife and husband and it last for long time. But in the west in some countries, there are several problems because both the wife and husband have to work and look after the children. There are usually rifts upon the family background of the either side, financial matters and other domestic problems which cause divorce or separation legally from the life partner. Main reasons of failure: The main reasons of failure are giving below. These are related with natural, human relationships in marriage: 1. It is observed that often couples fail to anticipate differences which result from diverse cultural backgrounds, differing family experiences, gender, and so on.. 2. The Couples fall into the concept of a â€Å"fifty-fifty† relationship, meaning they honestly expect their spouses to meet them halfway on all aspects 3. The society has taught us that mankind is basically good. Therefore, often the couples fail to anticipate and assess their self-centered natures that demand their own way. 4. The married couples fail to cope with life’s trials or hard times . When painful trials come into the marriage, instead of standing together through them, couples tend to blame each other or in other words think something is wrong with the spouse and the way they handle the pain and this leads to their separation . 5. Many people have got a fantasy view of love and life . They abruptly feel stuck with person who does not appear to loving and become deceived into the wrong belief that the next one will be better than the current .. 6. it is also observed at large scale that many people lack a vital relationship with region background . It could be that they have never come to a specific point in time when they asked their deities into their lives as a result he has no impact on the marriage relationship. 7. The Marriages are often forced , in such condition the circumstances lead to divorce due misunderstanding between the Couple . They are married with the will of their parents . They do not appear to interested in them selves. 8. The women are very jealous with other women so they do not want their love divided in two parts , this is an other important cause of failure of marriages . 9. The heavy drunkards often beat their wives and inflict punishment which causes a serious reaction and the circumstances lead them to separation. 10. There is an other common failure of parenting is to not instill principles in children. They are merely programmed like read only memories. That is, they are told what to do in different situations instead of being given the moral, economic, or health principles involved. As a result, the children form their own principles from the statements from their parents, which seldom are the principles that the parents wanted to instill. Measures to escape marriage failures: Now the question arise how to escape the failures of marriages. Well to sustain the successful marriages the following point will be useful Firstly the marriages should not forced or conditional which may cause initial displeasure which lea to divorce. The like-mindedness is an other asset to sustain a successful marriage. The marriages both either arranged or love marriages may considered as the most important relations between the couple and they should be cooperative to each other and forgive the small rifts otherwise they will occur as big problems and lead to divorce. Finally the Wife and Husband has sacred relations in all religions of the world , so they must care each other as their impact quarrels may not affect the Life and nature of their children after their birth. It is generally observed that divorce is the legal right separation of both husband and wife , but it may practice when there is solution otherwise divorced woman has no value in the society as compared Husband who can marry any girl . Finally the marriages are very sensitive relations so they have some critical nature of notion. All depends upon both the husband and the Wife to spend the life in such a way that they can live a happy life and establish an example for the people who follow this relation. They must take care of each other and know the interests of each other in order to properly understand the likes and dislikes of each other. Furthermore in joint families , they should be given freedom to interact each other as they need the support of one other to pas the long span of age. If you need custom essay, research paper, thesis or term paper on Sociology feel free to contact our professional custom writing service.

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7 jobs that are incredibly underpaid 

7 jobs that are incredibly underpaid   We live in a world where not all jobs- or salaries- are created equal. While some jobs are glamorous and come with equally glamorous paychecks, others offer more humble salaries- and some of them just might surprise you. According to a recent article on, the average American worker is underpaid by approximately $7,500- this translates to salaries that are roughly 13% less than their potential market values. This is attributable to a variety of factors, from job market conditions and supply vs. demand of available talent to the tendency of some new employees to not negotiate for higher salaries when starting new jobs.Let’s take a closer look at 7 jobs that are incredibly underpaid, often despite having very important responsibilities.1. Medical assistantMedical assistants work directly under the guidance of doctors and nurses, and have a host of important responsibilities including maintaining medical records, prepping patients for exams, and administering medicat ions. That said, they don’t typically command large salaries. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the mean average wage for medical assistants is $32,850.2. Web developerIf you’re looking to break into the web developer profession, you may find a wealth of opportunities across industries, and even across borders as international projects abound. That said, the growing supply of talented web developers both around the United States and abroad has adversely impacted salaries. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the mean average wage for web developers is $72,150.3. Social workerSocial workers are typically dedicated and qualified individuals who provide important support services to populations in need. Despite being a rewarding and commendable profession, the average social worker is not earning a huge payday. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the mean average wage for social workers is approximately $59,410.4. Licensed practical nurse (LPN) Nurses are incredibly important professionals who handle a wide array of critical tasks in a variety of healthcare settings, and are essential personnel for handling patient needs. That said, they typically make far less than their colleagues who are doctors or registered nurses (RNs). According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the mean average wage for LPNs is $44,840.5. Pharmacy technicianWhen you’re purchasing prescription medications at your local pharmacy, you’re likely to encounter a pharmacy tech at the front lines. These workers mix, measure, count out, and label medications as well as interact directly with customers. However, pharmacy techs don’t command the same salaries as the pharmacists they work beside. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the mean average wage for pharmacy techs is $32,170.6. Veterinary technicianWhen your pet needs a checkup or isn’t feeling well, you can count on a vet tech to help you out when you first arrive at the veterinarian’s office. They’re responsible for a host of things that help keep veterinarian practices running smoothly, including performing medical tests, preparing serums and vaccines, taking and preparing samples, and maintaining charts and medical equipment. Vet techs likely aren’t in the field to get rich quick; the mean average wage according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics is $33,870.7. Emergency medical technician (EMT)Few can argue about the importance of EMTs- when an accident or medical emergency occurs, they are often the first on the scene, and assess injuries, administer aid, and transport individuals to hospitals and medical facilities. Despite their incredible importance in saving lives, they just don’t command big salaries. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the mean average wage for EMTs is $36,110.As you can see, not all employees are compensated equally. The 7 jobs listed here may offer professional fulfillment and satisfaction, depending on one’s job-related goals, but they will probably not set you on a road to riches. If you’re on the hunt for a new job and salary is a big factor for you, use this information to help guide you towards- and away- from certain positions.

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Capital Asset Pricing Modfel slp Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Capital Asset Pricing Modfel slp - Assignment Example However, in the CAPM (capital asset pricing model), beta risk denotes the only type of risk for which an investor should receive an expected return that is greater than the risk-free rate of interest (Ehrhardt & Brigham, (2009). The estimated beta coefficient of Apple Inc. is 1.25. A beta of higher than one generally implies that the price of stock of such a company is both more volatile and tends to move up and down with the market. For instance, like in the case of Apple Inc. A stock’s beta of 1.25, theoretically implies that the security is 25 percent more volatile than the market. Such stock is riskier than the market. Even though it poses more risk, the stock should be included in the overall portfolio because it offers the possibility of a greater rate of return. This is so because a beta value of 1.25 indicates that the security is anticipated to do 25% better than the S&P 500 within an up market. This stock should be included in the portfolio to help diversify it due to its high risk-reward ratios (Bradfield, 2007). Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM) refers to an economic model that is used to value securities, stocks, assets or derivatives by relating risk and expected return. It is based on the principle that investors demand a risk premium, additional expected return, in case they are required to accept additional risk. CAPM is, therefore, used in pricing stocks or securities (Ehrhardt & Brigham, (2009). Cost of equity or expected rate of return refers to the rate of return that an investor requires before being interested in any given investment at a particular price. It is the rate of return that compensates them for a higher expected risk (Reilly & Brown, 2012). The portfolio is sufficiently diversified; because it has a beat of less than one meaning the assets move in the same direction however the movement is less than that of the benchmark hence less susceptible to everyday fluctuation (Bradfield,